Saturday, June 21, 2014

Google Docs - Part 3

How often do you talk to parents? Email them? Do you send home notes every day?

I guess that depends on the grade level you teach. When I taught Pre-K, I wrote in their folders every day during nap time.  :)  (Oh how I miss nap time.) I at least saw 90% of the parents every day after school. When I taught 2nd grade, I still did daily folders, but it was a lot less detailed. I only saw a handful of parents every day at dismissal. In 4th grade, I do not have much contact with parents. If I need to talk to a parent, I will call or email them.

I feel like I have good relationships with parents, even when we do not have a lot of contact. How do you feel about that?

My parent communication goal for next year is to keep a detailed log of parent calls.

Here are my tabs to make that possible:

These aren't anything special, but I like them because:

1. They will be on my computer.
2. I can't lose them.
3. They will be neat and organized.
4. I will have easy access to family information.

I also take all the emails addresses, make a contact group, and then send out mass emails for things like upcoming events and monthly newsletters. I also use Remind 101 because some parents do not have email addresses.

I am thinking about using a website I found the other day called Class Messenger. Have you seen this? If you have used it, please leave me a comment.

I tried to find a video to explain this service, but I couldn't. So here is a screen shot of my dashboard. It is empty because it is summer and I don't have a class to input. I just found it the other day.


Tanya said...

Hi Mrs. Morris. Glad to hear you of found us and are interested in testing out the service. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help: You may also want to check out our website - for a video and demos on our 'Learn More' page. Cheers!

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