Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BTS Classroom Management Linky

So I am a week late to this party. I like linky parties! There are usually some great ones this time of year.

Here are some past posts about classroom management:

Classroom management is the determining factor on whether your students will be successful during their year with you. A teacher who doesn't have a plan will not be an effective teacher.

When I taught 2nd grade, I used the clip chart and it worked wonderfully. I know that there is some dispute about it being too punitive or embarrassing, but I didn't find that to be the case. I think it has a lot to do with how the teacher approaches it. I used it in a positive way. There was always a chance for a child to turn their day around and make better choices. I focused on that and it was a good thing in my classroom.

In 4th grade, I have focused on a classroom economy. It has been wildly successful! I love it, even thought it is a ton of work. I also like Whole Brain Teaching. I have never fully implemented all the techniques, but the ones I have work great. I have started the last two years with WBT's 5 rules and this year will be the same!

I always start the year by explicitly teaching my expectations. We practice lining up, leaving and coming into the room, walking in the hallway, raising hands, and answering questions. I encourage them and offer extra practice if they struggle to follow the expectations. I am a very strict teacher the first few weeks, as we are all getting to know each other. I can always become more lenient, but it is impossible to move the other way effectively once classroom management has taken a turn for the worst. I am not an ogre, but I hold everyone to a high standard and as the kids get used to that, I can relax a little.

This year I am stepping away from my classroom economy. I am going to try Class Dojo.

I used this toward the end of the year and I really liked it. You can customize the behaviors and message parents and kids!

Online views:
Positive behaviors that I have added for my class.
Negative behaviors for my class.

Here are some iPad views. I open the Class Dojo app, take attendance (so that absent kids won't show up that day - you don't want to give them points on days they aren't at school), and then you just tap to add or subtract points. You can give individual points or select several or all kids at the same time.

I think the messaging feature is the best! I plan on using this for parent communication a lot this year.

There are tons of free resources for Class Dojo on TPT! 

Class Dojo just made class sharing available. So if you are departmentalized, you can share your class with all the teachers.

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