Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's That Time Again... Currently

The July version. Wow, time flies.

Teaching summer school really ate up my June. Oh well. Back to school money!  :)

The only thing that could make summer better is if we were taking a vacation. Oh well. Saving is more important at this point. I am hoping for some changes this summer. We will need that savings!

Also, I can't wait to redecorate my classroom. I took down everything by my word wall before I left for the summer. Clean slate!

Happy July!


Angelia said...

I'm loving the free time, too! So nice that we can go to the pool whenever or just relax if we want!

Extra Special Teaching

Miss August said...

I had to push my vacation back to September to attend a friend's wedding... It's kind of driving me nuts not to go on a trip, but I did make fit in a mini trip to visit friends and family out of town for the weekend. Now it's time to crack down and work on saving for me too!

Erin said...

Prison Break? Sounds good! I've been obsessed with House of Cards lately...sooooo good!

Short and Sassy Teacher

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