Friday, August 8, 2014

Parent Communication

Hey guys! 

This year I am going to use Class Dojo and Remind 101 to communicate with parents.  I have made a fake text message to add to my newsletter to get parents to sign up for Remind 101. I will also display this at our Back to School Night!

I used this website to create the fake text.

You should make one too!


Unknown said...

I really need to sign up for Remind 101. Everyone I know is using it. It seems so easy and handy.

Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

Kate @ EduKate and Inspire said...

Brilliant!! I used Remind last year and it was so helpful! Your fake text idea is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

EduKate and Inspire

Kate @ EduKate and Inspire said...

Ok, just tried it! Is there a step I'm missing to get the iPhone image around the texting screen-- or did you add that yourself?

Amanda Kendall said...

I love Remind. I could not live without it. Your fake conversation is so cool. I am definitely going to check that out. Thanks for another great idea!
The Teaching Thief

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